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DIY is the approach of many homeowners that want to learn how to properly inspect and maintain every corner of their home. Granted, there are still times that you will have to depend on a professional for solutions, emergencies that you can fix on your own should be learned.

A common thing that you’ll encounter when addressing issues with plumbing is the plumber’s tape. It is also the reason why there are so many confused homeowners flocking to online forums asking how to use it properly. Make sure you know how to use plumber’s tape just like plumbers in Carrollton TX would.

Take Measurements

Measure everything before you charge in with your DIY solution. Every single thing that you are going to repair, replace, and even the equipment that you’re going to use should be measured. This will guarantee that you will spend less time moving from the spot just to fetch the right thing.

Constantly having to move away from where you are fixing your plumbing can distract you especially when you’re trying to focus on using plumber’s tape properly. Following guidelines as you learn the DIY approach is essential in ensuring that you won’t run into mishaps later on.


Applying the plumber’s tape in a clockwise direction is going to be the key to ensuring that it’s tightly secured. For most fittings, even those that have to be screwed, the correct application is to go clockwise. There may be issues when you are trying to unscrew certain fittings if you apply the tape counterclockwise.

You also have to take into account where you face when you’re using the plumbing that you’re working on. Take note of where you are while you turn every now and then to avoid making the rookie mistake of applying the plumber’s tape incorrectly.

Start Light

Starting light will give you a lot of room to make necessary adjustments if they appear later on. Tighten the application of the plumber’s tape as you see that it becomes closer and closer. Take note that you shouldn’t apply it too lightly or you run the risk of having loose fittings.

A good way to avoid any issues from happening with the tightness of the fitting is to use your index finger as a gripping point that you can move vertically. Use your thumb to make sure that the fitting is in place whenever you make a clockwise motion with the plumber’s tape.

Hire a Pro

When everything starts to become too complicated, maybe it’s time to hire plumbers in Carrollton TX who will be able to easily do the hard work for you. You don’t always have to maintain the DIY approach especially when things start to become difficult.

Making a mistake because of your lack of experience while there’s nobody supervising you can cause you a lot of money in replacements and repairs later on. Avoid this from happening by hiring a professional to work on the plumbing instead of making it tougher for yourself.

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