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Hiring removalists Launceston is one way to relieve the stress that comes with moving out. By hiring a removal company, you will have the assurance that your valuables are packed and transported to your new place without problems.

Here are some tips for you to do:

Set an alarm or reminder on your phone

This way, you won’t forget to remind yourself the schedule of the move. Sometimes you just get so busy that some of the most important things are the things that are forgotten. To help you remember the moving date, make a note on your phone’s calendar that will appear in your notifications. It will help you prepare everything you will need in your relocation without cramming.

Disassemble furniture you can manage doing.

To make it easier for the removalists to pack, you can disassemble your furniture and place them in a box. By doing this, the movers can easily handle them without worrying about losing a screw or other tiny parts.

Separate clothes, personal care and valuables from large items.

After deciding on which ones to personally bring with you and leave behind you can proceed to packing your personal valuables accordingly, in a separate box. Use a strong cardboard box to store your things in, but don’t forget to place a protective layer first. Cover the items with bubble wrap or fabric that’s thick enough to protect your things from breaking. You can entrust the handling of television, leather sofa and other things to the expert hands of the removalists.

Give the exact address of your new place to the moving company.

Before they get to work, be sure that they’re fully aware of the location of your new house. Much better, you can give them a vicinity map of your new place or indicate it using GPS or navigation apps.

For a safe and reliable move, you should always entrust your belongings to furniture transport in Tasmania. Feel free to visit their site and ask for a free consultation and quote.

Author: Carrie Sze

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